Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome,  I am just in the very beginning for starting to build an  inventory for selling at Art Fairs and Open Street Markets.  
This is something that I have always thought would be fun to try.  

I will post new items as I complete them.
Each item will have an inventory number.
If you see something that you are interested in, 
you can contact me by email:

This email will be used only for this blog (see at top of page). 
That should ensure better service for any interest shoppers.

All items will be one of a kind,
I will start selling when the Spring 2013 outdoor market season opens.

Merchandise you can expect to see in my booth:
* Shabby French Furniture
* Aprons & Market Bags
* French Hat Stands
* Handmade Greeting Cards & Gift Tags
* French Inspired Home Accessories
* Vintage Tea Pots & Tea Cups
* Vintage Dishes
* Handcrafted Cake Stands

Spring Is Going To Be So Much Fun!


  1. Cute! Aprons! Neat crafts!
    (Saw you on a Pink Saturday comment and stopped by)

    1. Wow, I just started this blog with the idea of using it to showcase my sale items as I start collecting and finishing projects. I was totally surprised today when I visited this blog and I had three followers. Thank you, this is very encouraging. I am over joyed. Connie :)

  2. Hi! Thank you for the comment on my blog and following me! I am now following you as well!

    1. I have never set-up in an outdoor market . . . but my thoughts are to try it in the spring. It will take me all summer, fall and winter to create enough things to fill a booth and make it look attractive enough for folks to want to shop. So far, it's a little dream . . . just a way to meet people and supplement my social security.
      Thank you again for following.
      Have a great day, Connie :)

  3. Connie - Great aprons!!! I predict you will sell out of these quickly! I love your painted furniture! I am your newest Google follower on this blog. Where do you travel when you sell?

    Distressed Donna Down home

    1. Hello Donna, thank you so much for following. I am over-joyed and truly appreciate the encouragement. Connie :)

  4. Good luck Connie - very pleased for you. Minerva xx

    1. Dear Minerva, thank you . . . at the moment I am just in the planning stages, but any pointers from shop owners and market booth sisters, would be very helpful at this stage. Thank you for following my blog, I truly appreciate it. Connie :)